Prestigious Plastering and Drywall has been serving the Triangle area since 1997. Tim Kiessling's passion is historic plaster restoration and travels all over North Carolina to many historic homes and commercial buildings.

Serving the Triangle Area Since 1997

Our service expertise includes:

  • Conventional Plaster
  • Synthetic Plaster
  • Mold-Resistant Plaster
  • Traditional Drywall
  • Mold-Resistant Drywall
  • Historical Repair/Restoration
  • Virtually Dust-Free Sanding In Occupied Space
  • ...and More!

Below you'll find explanations of many of the above services, broken down into 4 categories.


Some people call it drywall. Others call it plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, or even sheetrock. Whatever you call it – we're the pros. We specialize in traditional drywall, as well as mold-resistant drywall. Folks up and down the east coast trust us with their moisture sensitive properties to keep mold out of the equation.


Folks have been using plaster in their homes for over two thousand years. We know that it's about more than cement and mortar—it's an art. We provide traditional plaster services, as well as custom mold-resistant plaster.

Historic Restoration

We provide historic restoration services for public buildings, churches, schools, and more. At Prestigious, we know historic methods and materials and we care about the integrity of historic structures. That's why our clients trust us with their restoration projects.

Dust-Free Sanding

Got a project in a space that just can't get dusty? Not a problem! We provide virtually dust-free sanding services, utilizing special tools and techniques!