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I would highly recommend Prestigious Plaster & Drywall LLC. They performed a fantastic job of putting up drywall and sealing the plaster on my room addition. The work was all completed in a very short time. They responded to all communication and appointments in a very timely manner. Their end product was excellent. ~Ken Lockwood 2/12/2021

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With spring peeking its head around the corner, with it comes home buying season. If you've been putting off that drywall repair or finally finishing the basement to get the value of your home in peak selling condition, now's the time.

We've got some availability in the coming months to get the drywall job done right.

You could probably get it done cheaper from some shop offering "free estimates" or some other gimmick. We rely on the fact that our customers love us, and our work is excellent. We're not salesmen, we are the best in the drywall business.

You can trust that when you are dealing with Prestigious Plaster and Drywall, you're not being oversold or upsold, you're getting high quality work, done the right way.

Spots fill up fast, and are first-come first-served. Contact us below to get started!

Stucco/EIFS Job in Cary, NC

Recently we got the chance to help out a customer with some water damage as well as a structural crack in the foundation wall in their garage.

We were brought in for the EIFS (synthetic stucco) work that needed to be done to repair the water damage.

Here are some photos!

First, we applied mesh and basecoat over the existing application:

Prestigious Plastering and Drywall: applying Mesh and base coat for EIFS synthetic Stucco

Next, we applied the finish coat over the basecoat:

Prestigious Plastering and Drywall: Finish coat during application

Here's a close up of the finish coat selected by the homeowners:

Prestigious Plastering and Drywall: Finish coat finished!

Have Allergies? Don't Attempt your Own Drywall Repair!

Recently we were contacted by a client concerned about getting a repair done in a household with allergies.

This is the type of thing that separates the pros from the DIY folks. Two things, really:


The best drywall finisher in the world will produce dust using the wrong equipment. So if you are looking to DIY and need to avoid dust, the first step will be to shell out the premium dollars for dust free sanding equipment.


How do you learn how to prevent the dust in a drywall repair? Even the best equipment out there will produce dust if you don't operate it correctly. There's really not a shortcut: you figure out how to do it right by doing it wrong first. Tim with Prestigious Plaster has the years of experience that it takes to get really good at this stuff. You can benefit from those year of experience by hiring Tim.

The Bottom Line

We fully recognize our bias here, but if you've got allergies and need drywall repair, you should definitely contact us below. But don't just take our word for it. After we finished the work for the customer with allergies, they left us this review:

Work done was excellent and there was no drywall dust. This was very important to our family which has allergies.

Contact us today.